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Valossa Movie Finder is a reference skill from Valossa Labs. It is audio based and free to enable.

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Have you ever forgotten the name of a movie you loved? Or perhaps caught a short clip and wanted to know more? Movie Finder by Valossa Labs lets you describe the movie to Alexa and have her tell you what movie it is.

The skill pulls data from movie search engine and is remarkably accurate in finding what you’re looking for. Ask it for a list of Vietnam War movies made in the 1980’s. Ask what movies Tom Cruise appeared in during the 90’s. Or just have it list off some of the best movies of a particular genre for you. Just preface your question with “Alexa, ask movie finder”.

On top of finding the movie names, you can request more information. There is some getting used to the proper syntax it requires to give the best results, but otherwise it’s a terrific resource for film buffs.

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