The Wayne Investigation

The Wayne Investigation is a mystery game skill from Warner Bros. It is audio based, fully interactive, and free to enable.

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Batman fans will love this interactive game. The Wayne Investigation lets you dive deep into classic superhero lore and discover who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents, Thomas and Martha. To launch, simply ask Alexa to “Open the Wayne Investigation”.

Similar to the old “choose your own adventure” books of the past, The Wayne Investigation tells you a story and lets you decide which path to go down next. Some lead to dead ends while some advance the story and help you uncover the truth. The story is rich with detail and incredibly deep. Newcomers to Batman will pick up on it quickly and passionate fans of the comic will enjoy the Easter eggs that the writers have sprinkled in. You can look forward to a 30 minute experience from start to finish.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the skill is the atmosphere it produces. The Wayne Investigation uses professional voice actors and a humorous narrator to tell it’s story. An impressive array of sound effects adds to the ambiance. It’s an engaging experience for both kids and adults. A must have skill for fans of Batman, comics, or interactive stories.

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