Teen Jeopardy

Teen Jeopardy! is a trivia skill by Sony Pictures Television. It utilizes both audio and visual Echo devices and has a free or paid versions available.

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The original Jeopardy is by far one of the most popular Alexa skills available today. But if you’re younger, or perhaps just want some easier questions, Teen Jeopardy! makes a great sidekick.

Unlike the traditional Jeopardy skill, Teen Jeopardy! updates each Friday with 12 free clues. The clues are as you can guess, are aimed at a younger audience. There’s more current events and pop culture mixed in with traditional categories that focus on science, literature, and world geography. Anyone from teenagers to senior citizens should enjoy this game. It’s a perfect version to play together as a family.

Teen Jeopardy will also utilize your video display if you own an Echo Show or Echo Spot device. The clues pop up on the screen against the classic blue backdrop to give a true Jeopardy feel. It will even show your score at the end and how you stacked up against other players around the world.

While the 12 weekly clues are free, Teen Jeopardy! does allow you to buy monthly clue packs that feature an additional 50 clues. Prime members can nab these additional clues for $0.99 while non-Prime members can purchase for $1.99.

Outside the occasional hiccup with it not understanding a complex response properly, it’s a terrific skill. The questions are fresh each week and fans of the classic show will love it. Just make sure you remember to answer in the form of a question!

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