SYFY Wire is an entertainment skill from NBCUniversal Media. It is audio only, free to enable, and has premium content available for purchase.

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Science fiction, fantasy, and geek pop culture can be accessed with your voice inside the SYFY Channel’s Wire Alexa skill. This skill gives you access to news, podcasts, and exclusive coverage of the sci-fi industry that you won’t find anywhere else.

The skill provides both free and paid content inside. For free, you can access popular podcasts by SYFY Wire like:

  • Who Won the Week? – A deep dive into the weeks biggest news in nerd culture. From sci-fi movies, to comics, to books. Hosts Adam Swiderski, Karama Horne, and Dany Roth leave no stone unturned as they fill you in on what aspect of nerd culture won the week for them.
  • Strong Female Characters – Fangrrls managing editor Cher Martinetti, contributing editor Preeti Chhibber and special guest discuss female fandom in the science fiction industry.
  • The Fandom Files – Jordan Zakarin takes a deep look inside hardcore fan communities.Intriguing guests and interesting topics provide some meta analysis on geek culture.

You’ll also have access to podcasts focusing on specific shows like The Churn, Colony, and The Expanse.

SYFY Wire doesn’t stop there. They’ve created a subscription model for exclusive podcasts only found on the Alexa skill. Prime members can access this for $1.59 a month while non-Prime members can get it for $1.99. Simple say “Alexa, ask SYFY WIRE for exclusives” to get the following:

Geeksplain – This show takes a popular character, show, or cultural phenomenon and breaks it down in excruciating detail.

  • Debate Club – Journalist Will Leitch (New York Magazine, New Republic, and founder of Deadspin) and Tim Grierson (Rolling Stone) sit down and debate some of the biggest questions in nerd culture. Best sci-fi film of the 21st century or the top 5 Superman actors are some of the many topics these hosts will attempt to answer.
  • Untold Story – Dany Roth digs deep into the lore of some of the most popular characters and franchises in the sci-fi world to tell stories that have yet to be told.

SYFY Wire Alexa skill is one of the most ambitious skills to date. For those at the heart of today’s geek culture, it turns your Echo device into a portal that can access some of the best content in the industry. Even if you have to fork over a buck or two for some of it.

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