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SYFY Wire News is a flash briefing news skill from NBCUniversal Media. It is audio only and free to enable.

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The latest news from the world of science-fiction in flash briefing format. Covering TV, film, books, and the comic book industry. Learn who’s starring in the next Marvel movie. Find out which sci-fi book is finally going to be made into a TV show. If it’s news in the world of geek culture, it’ll be covered by this skill.

While the skill provides great information on a topic we all care about, it’s unfortunately not updated enough. So if you’re listening to your flash briefing each morning, you may get the same stories for a few days in a row. Of course you can skip to the next skill, but it’d be great if they could provide more timely updates.

You might want to check out the full, non Flash Brief version of the SYFY News here.

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