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Reuters TV (World) is an international news flash briefing skill by Thomson Reuters. This skill utilizes both audio and video Echo devices and is free to enable.

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Reuters Now is a 5-minute trip through the global news of the day from Reuters TV. The skill uses real newscasters and real soundbites to capture the essence of the story. The global news agency has over 2,500 journalists reporting for them from 200 locations worldwide.

Updates for Reuters World happen regularly throughout the day. You’re never more than an hour or two off of breaking news. The skill is similar to top of the hour news updates you would get from AM radio stations back in the day. Little to no editorializing, not a lot of flash, but a whole lot of substance.

This skill is one of the few news flash briefings that provides video for those with Echo Show or Spot devices. The video is professionally produced and enhances the overall experience. Currently Reuters TV (World) can only be used in flash briefings. They have a sister skill that focuses on U.S. news.

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