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Question of the Day is a trivia skill by VoicePress.AI. It is audio only with dynamic content.

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As the name suggests, this skill provides a Question of the Day upon request. Topics range from arts, history, science, sports, pop culture, and much more. Each question is multiple choice with four possible answers. Upon guessing, the skill will provide you with the correct answer and a brief summary for informational purposes.

An interesting feature with Question of the Day is it’s scoring system. Before each question you’ll be informed how many points the question is for. Difficult questions are worth more points. You’ll be told at the end how others did on the same questions. Points are tracked, even on a per category basis, and there are even days you can earn double points. While the point system is just a gimmick right now, it’d be nice if they could build out a leaderboard system to make it more competitive.

Besides the points not really meaning much, the only other gripe would be with it picking up the correct answer from your voice. You’ll have to enunciate well and sometimes your Echo will confuse a B with a D.

Overall, this is a simple, fun skill that you can place into your daily routine. I love the fact that they give such detailed answers to the questions. It’s as much a game as it is educational. The developers seem invested in the project as evident by the effort they put into the answers (they expand on answers even more on Twitter). If you like playing general trivia, enable Question of the Day.

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