JP Morgan

J.P. Morgan is a financial skill by the multinational banking and financial services company of the same name.

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J.P. Morgan turns Alexa into a handy assistant for it’s customers. The skill is much more in-depth than your typical financial skills and allows you to get access to biographies of analysts as well as their latest research reports.

With the skill enabled, you’ll start by saying “Alexa, ask JP Morgan” followed by what you’re looking for. At this time the skill can answer the following:

  • What is the target price of <company name>
  • Send me the tear sheet for <company name> (this will proceed to e-mail you the information)
  • Read me the bio of analyst <analyst name> (this is done in the Alexa voice)
  • Send me the latest research report by <analyst name> (this will e-mail you the information)

You will need to be a JP Morgan Markets user and provide both your username and password upon enabling the skill. This is so that your Alexa commands can correspond to your account specifically.

The JP Morgan app is available in multiple languages and unfortunately does not utilize video Echo devices at this time.

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