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GEICO is a business & finance skill from GEICO Insurance. It is audio based, free to enable, and requires lining of a GEICO account.

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You can now use your voice to get important information on your GEICO insurance policy. Simply enable the skill, link your account, set up a 4-digit pin (this is optional), and you’re all set.

The GEICO Alexa skill gives you basic account functions like checking your account balance (“What’s my balance?”), finding out your payment due date (“When is my payment due?”), and even making a payment on your current insurance policy (“Pay my bill”). Payment will use your default option.

On top of those functions, you can also request ID cards to your e-mail account or physical address (“Send my ID Cards”). Even request services such as jump starting the battery, changing a flat tire, dealing with a lockout, or running out of gas (“I need help with my vehicle”). The latter option is handy if you have a newer vehicle with Alexa built-in.

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