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Fox News is a flash briefing news skill by Fox News Channel. It works on both audio and video Echo devices and is free to enable.

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The latest news from the most watched cable news network is available to add to your flash briefing. The Fox News Alexa skill is a short 2-3 minute rundown of the news around the country. It focuses on big stories, the political landscape, and even some celebrity gossip.

The skill seems to pull from a feed on Fox News radio instead of the actual TV network. It’s a reporter giving a “top of the hour” style report that does update throughout the day. There is a video component for those with compatible devices, but it’s often just a shot of the reporter reading the news to you. Hopefully as the skill becomes more popular, they’ll feature more news footage in their reports.

Overall, it’s not the best news skill out there but fans of the cable network will likely want a familiar news voice in their daily flash briefing.

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