Five Minute Workout: Core and Cardio

Five Minute Workout: Core and Cardio is a fitness skill by Stoked Skills LLC. It is audio only and free to enable.

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Whether we’ve been sitting at a desk all day or gotten caught up binging that new Netflix show, we could all pause for a short workout. This Alexa skill aims to provide a quick 5-minute workout that focuses on our cardiovascular health. The routine moves fast and is meant to burn fat and strengthen up the core.

While the concept is great, it unfortunately only has one routine. It’s not a bad routine from a fitness perspective, just something that would become repetitive. It’d be great if they could switch up the workout a bit each day to keep things fresh.

Nonetheless it’s an engaging 5 minutes that would be suitable for someone looking to wake up in the morning. Get the blood pumping, burn a few calories, and maybe tone up those abs in the process.

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