EZVIZ is a home security skill by the camera manufacturer of the same name. It utilizes both audio and video Echo devices and is free to enable.

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EZVIZ is a company that specializes in budget security, wi-fi, and action cameras. The EZVIZ Alexa Skill allows you to pull up feeds from their cameras on your video-enabled Echo device.

Using the EZVIZ app that is required to setup your cameras, you can give specific names to each one. These names carryover when using this Alexa Skill. So if you have a camera named “Kitchen”, you simply give the command “Alexa, show me the kitchen” and the feed will pull up.

Supported EZVIZ camera models are:

  • Mini O
  • Mini Plus
  • Mini 360 Plus
  • Mini Trooper
  • Husky

While the skill does work as intended and provides a smooth video feed, there are some issues. The feed has a noticeable delay of about 10 seconds. Connecting to your Echo Show or Echo Spot can also be a bit cumbersome. You need to turn off “Image Encryption” inside the EZVIZ app prior to having Alexa discover the camera. But if you can deal with those, it’s one of the only budget cameras that works with a video-enabled Echo device at this time.

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