Awair Glow

Awair Glow is a smart home product skill by BitFinder Inc. It is an audio-only skill that is free to enable and requires an Awair account.

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The Awair Glow is an air quality monitor for the home that tracks temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and dangerous toxins. The Alexa skill for the Awair Glow allows owners of the device to ask about the air quality in your home. You can ask for an overall summary (“Alexa, ask Awair about air quality”) or specific conditions (“Alexa, ask Awair what the CO2 level is”).

The Glow also works as a night light which can be turned on and off with a voice command. It also has a smart plug built in that can be controlled with voice commands. For instance, you if the name of the device plugged into the Awair Glow is “bedroom lamp”, simply give the command “Alexa, turn on bedroom lamp”.

The skill requires a free Awair account. It unfortunately doesn’t provide video content although that will hopefully be added as you could pull up your air quality data on an Echo Show or Spot.

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