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Amex is a financial skill from American Express. It is audio based, free to enable, and requires an American Express login and pin.

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If you’re an American Express cardholder in the United States, you can now handle almost all your account needs through your voice. When it comes to features in a credit card Alexa skill, this one is near the top of the list.

Currently, these are the commands that can be made when you say “Alexa ask Amex”

  • To check account balance
  • To make a payment
  • What are my recent charges?
  • When is payment due?
  • What is my available credit?
  • For Amex offers
  • Membership rewards (this will give you your American Express Membership rewards balance)

To set up the skill, you need to enable it and then link your Amex account. It will require you to set up a 4-digit pin code for added security. You can currently only link one account.

Overall it’s a handy skill to have if you have one of their credit cards. Pulling up recent purchases and membership rewards balance is a nice touch. It would be great to see recent payments added to the options in the future.

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