Ambient Sounds – Rain Sounds

Ambient Sounds: Rain Sounds is a sleeping aid skill by Invoked Apps LLC. It uses audio and is free to enable.

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If the soft sound of rain falling helps put you to sleep, look no further than Ambient Sounds: Rain Sounds. Ambient noise has been used for decades to help block out unwanted noises, reduce stress, and encourage relaxation.

This simple skill from Invoked Apps will play for an hour upon giving the request “Alexa, open Rain Sounds”. You can stop at any time by saying “Alexa, Stop” or have it loop on endlessly through the night by saying “Alexa, loop on”.

The quality of the rain drops are quite good in this skill. Especially if you’re using an Echo device with a more powerful speaker such as the baseline Echo or Echo Plus. The company behind this app has a dozen other highly rated ambient sound skills available as well.

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