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Amazon Story is a kids skill created by the Amazon Education Consumer Team. It uses audio on Echo devices and is free to enable.

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Nothing beats a children’s story and Amazon is attempting to bring those moments to life with their free Amazon Storytime skill. The skill offers a large collection of short stories aimed at kids 5 to 12 years of age. The stories comes from the Amazon Rapids app library and selected Audible short stories.

Stories are professionally produced and narrated by real voice actors. They’ve even added in sound effects to aid in the experience. There’s a nice mix of newer tales along with some classic fables. With such a variety, Alexa allows you to pass on the stories you don’t like by saying “Alexa, skip to the next story”.

Unfortunately, Amazon Storytime doesn’t utilize video for the Echo Show and Spot devices. While it does provide the visual text on screen, it would be nice to add some graphical elements to the stories down the line.

For first time users, it does request parental consent from the account holder. This is because Amazon does collect basic information from your child to improve their products and services. This results in either verifying your account through a text message or a credit card on file. The skill is free and if you choose to use a credit card, it is for verification purposes only.

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